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攀钢钒钛:社会责任报告 下载公告

Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020

About the ReportThis is the 12th annual social responsibility report issued by Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as “the Company” or “we”). The report discloses the responsibility concept, practice and performance ofthe Company and its subsidiaries from January 1 to December 31, 2020, with some contents beyond the above range.The nancial data included in the report conform toAccounting Standards for Enterprisesand relevant accounting systems inChina, and has been audited in accordance withInternal Audit Standards of China, thus reecting the actual nancial indicatorsand operational conditions of the Company. All the sums of money in the report are in the unit of CNY unless otherwisestipulated. The report has been internally audited, which ensures its authenticity, accuracy and completeness.References:

Guidelines to the State-owned Enterprises Directly under the Central Government on Fulfilling Corporate SocialResponsibilitiesissued by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of the State Council,

Guidance on Social Responsibility Reporting(GB/T 36001-2015)issued by Standardization Administration of the P.R.C. andGeneral Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the P.R.C,the Sustainability Reporting Standards

(GRI Standards) issued by the Global Sustainability Standards Board (GSSB),ISO 26000:2010-Guidance on Social Responsibility

issued by International Organization for Standardization, and the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).The report is issued in printed and electronic versions. For the electronic version, please visit our ofcial website (http://www.pgvt.cn) and (http://www.cninfo.com.cn).

报告说明本报告为攀钢集团钒钛资源股份有限公司(以下简称 “攀钢钒钛”“公司”或“我们”)以年度报告形式发布的第十二份社会责任报告。报告披露了攀钢钒钛及下属公司2020年1月1日至12月31日的履责理念、实践与绩效,部分内容超出上述范围。报告所涉及的财务数据符合国家颁布的《企业会计准则》和相关会计制度,并按照《中国内部审计准则》进行审计,真实反映企业财务指标、经营状况。报告中如无特殊说明,均以人民币为单位表示。报告经过企业内部审核,保证报告的真实、准确、完整。报告编制主要依据国务院国有资产监督管理委员会《关于中央企业履行社会责任的指导意见》(国资发研究[2008]1号),中华人民共和国国家质量监督检验检疫总局、中国国家标准化管理委员会《社会责任报告编写指南》(GB/T36000-2015),全球可持续发展标准委员会(GSSB)《可持续发展报告标准》(GRI Standards),国际标准化组织ISO26000:2010《社会责任指南》国际标准以及联合国2030年可持续发展目标(SDGs)。本报告以印刷版和电子版两种形式发布,电子版可在攀钢钒钛网站 (http://www.pgvt.cn) 和巨潮资讯网(http://www.cninfo.com.cn)查阅。

攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020

实施党建强企工程 助推公司高质量发展Boosting the High-Quality Development byStrengthening Party Building明确任务,压实“责任清单”Making clear tasks to ensure full implementationof “responsibility list”示范引领,打好打赢攻坚战Setting an example to win the battles共聚同心,释放党建新活力Working together to unleash new vitality ofParty building

用责任筑牢抗疫防线 以担当强化生产运营

Shouldering Responsibilities to Form DefenseLines Against the Pandemic and EnhanceProduction & Operation快速响应,加强组织保障Quick response enhances organizational guarantee多措并举,确保防控到位Multiple measures ensure effective prevention and control双线作战,稳定生产运营Two fronts stabilize production and operation

守初心打好脱贫攻坚 担使命携手共奔小康Fighting Against Poverty and Working Togetherto Achieve Moderate Prosperity助力脱贫攻坚Contributing to poverty alleviation热心公益事业Supporting public welfare activities带动当地发展Driving local development

瞄准综合利用 聚焦技术创新

Aiming at Comprehensive Utilization andFocusing on Technological Innovation夯实创新基础Consolidating the foundation of innovation激发创新活力Stimulating innovation vitality

促进“两化融合” 打造智慧工厂

Promoting the “Integration of Informatizationand Industrialization” for Smart Factories

保护绿水青山 共谋绿色未来Protecting the Ecology to Build a GreenFuture Together加强环境管理Strengthening environmental management应对气候变化Addressing climate change推进清洁生产Promoting clean production废副资源综合利用Comprehensive utilization of waste and by-product resources

携手合力共赢 创造共享新机遇

Creating and Sharing New Opportunities byWin-Win Cooperation提供优质产品Providing high quality products提升服务品质Improving service quality打造可持续供应链Building a sustainable supply chain推动行业进步Facilitating industry progress

责任绩效CSR Performance展望2021Outlook 2021

指标索引Content Index



赋能成长平台 打造幸福职场Empowering Growth Platforms for a HappyWorkplace关爱员工成长Caring for employees growth确保安全生产Securing work safety守护员工幸福Guarding the happiness of employees



About the Report

董事长致辞Address from the Chairman

关于我们About Us


CSR Management

攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020

董事长致辞Address from the Chairman



We go all out to make a difference. Faced with the sudden COVID-19pandemic and the complex market environment, we launched the “4711”special action to quickly formulate production and operation work plansfor the special period to ensure the steady progress of both pandemicresponse and our production and operation. In 2020, the Companyhas produced a total of 24,000 tons of vanadium products (in terms ofV


), 235,500 tons of titanium dioxide, and 205,800 tons of titaniumslag, all hitting the highest level in history with annual operating revenueof 10.579 billion yuan and a total prot of 387 million yuan.New breakthroughs have been made in green innovation. Wepromote the development of intelligence, digitization, and informatizationand have built a number of smart factories including the first digitalvanadium-nitrogen alloy production line in China. Guided by theconcept of green development, we leverage technological innovation topromote resource efciency and recycling. In 2020, we won 6 provincialand ministerial-level tech awards and 140 million yuan was invested toimplement 15 comprehensive environmental improvement projects. Allvanadium-related subsidiaries achieved zero wastewater discharge,with a circulating water utilization rate of 95.21%, and the green area ofthe plant reached 176,100 square meters.The win-win partnership has reached a new level. We work withpartners to build a win-win long-term cooperation mode of vanadium andtitanium industry chain. We have gained recognition from our customersby providing sincere services, speeding up R&D of new products, andstrengthening quality control. In 2020, we promoted technical exchangesand cooperation, with 126 technical exchanges conducted in total. Welaunched online courses to empower employees. In addition, we offera safe and healthy working environment for our employees and providemore care for them so as to improve together with them.New accomplishments have been achieved in poverty alleviation.We have invested 9.7602 million yuan to implement 12 povertyalleviation projects in designated areas by building large pig farms,expanding sportsgrounds in primary schools and constructingvillage clinics. We make great efforts to reduce poverty by promotingindustries, improving people’s livelihood, boosting consumptionand providing educational resources and medical care. We havestimulated people’s internal drive for poverty alleviation and stickto the principle of not removing responsibility, policy, assistanceand supervision while alleviating poverty. We promote the smoothtransition of comprehensive poverty alleviation and the ruralvitalization strategy, bringing real happiness to villagers.In the rst year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, we will continue to stickto our original aspiration and devote ourselves to the high-qualitydevelopment of vanadium and titanium industry, making unremittingefforts to realize the added value for shareholders, improve enterpriseefciency, increase staff income, and to build a “domestic rst-classand internationally famous listed company specialized in vanadiumand titanium new materials”. We will keep working on innovative andsustainable development.






Dear stakeholders:

2020 was an extremely eventful year. All our employeesworked together to deal with various risks and challenges.While fighting against COVID-19 pandemic, we havealso made great achievements in improving ecologicalenvironment, pursuing innovative and green development,deepening the enterprise reform, ensuring safe and stableoperation as well as poverty alleviation, which helps to builda new pattern for the Company’s sustainable development.

Xie Junyong, Chairman of Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium

Resources Co., Ltd.攀钢钒钛董事长:


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020

关于我们About Us

公司简介Company prole攀钢集团钒钛资源股份有限公司是世界主要的钒制品供应商,中国主要的钛原料供应商、重要的钛渣生产企业、硫酸法和氯化法钛白粉生产企业。攀钢钒钛成立于1993年3月27日,于1996年11月15日在深圳证券交易所上市(股票代码:000629),总部坐落在被誉为“钒钛之都”的四川省攀枝花市。攀钢钒钛凭借得天独厚的资源优势和技术积累,探索出独具特色的钒钛磁铁矿资源综合利用道路,形成钒氮合金制备、钛白粉生产、钛渣冶炼等一批国际领先、拥有自主知识产权的专有技术。其中,钒氮合金生产技术获国家技术发明奖。2020年实现营业收入105.79亿元,利润总额


Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. is a major supplier of vanadium products in theworld, a major supplier of titanium raw materials in China. It is also a key titanium slag manufacturer, and atitanium dioxide manufacturer by both sulfate process and chloride process. Established on March 27, 1993,the Company was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange on November 15, 1996 (Stock Code: 000629). Itheadquarters in Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province, which is known as the “city of vanadium and titanium”.With its special advantages in resources and accumulated technology, the Company has explored aunique way of comprehensively utilizing vanadium and titanium magnetite resources, and has developeda group of international leading know-hows with independent intellectual property rights, such asvanadium nitrogen alloy preparation, titanium dioxide production, titanium slag smelting, etc., amongwhich vanadium nitrogen alloy production technology won the National Technological and InventionAward. In 2020, it reached an operating revenue of 10.579 billion yuan and a total prot of 387 millionyuan, maintaining a good development trend.

发展战略Development strategy

协同资源、做强基体、做大产业、绿色发展Integrating resources, Consolidating foundations,Enlarging industries, Boosting green development

发展愿景Development vision

建设国内一流、国际知名的钒钛新材料上市公司To build a domestic rst-class and internationally famous listedcompany specialized in vanadium and titanium new materials

发展目标Development goal

打造国际最具影响力的钒产品供应商、国内最具竞争力的钛产品供应商To become the most inuential supplier of vanadiumproducts in the world and the most competitive supplier oftitanium products in China

攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020

组织机构Organizational structure

股东大会Shareholder’s Meeting

董事会Board of Directors

控股子公司Holding subsidiaries

全资公司Wholly-owned subsidiaries

直属单位Directly afliated entities


监事会Board of Supervisors

Human Resources Department(Organization Department of Party Committee)

Manufacturing Department (QualityControl Center)

Risk Management Department (LegalA?airs Department)

Supervision Department (O?ce ofDiscipline Inspection)Safety and Environmental ProtectionDepartment (Armed Forces and DefenseDepartment)Administrative Department (O?ce ofthe Board of Directors, O?ce of PartyCommittee, Labor Union)

Finance Department

Equipment Department

Technology Development Department

Titanium SmeltingFactory

Power Dispatch Center

Power PlantC.P. TiO


Power CenterPangang Group Chongqing TitaniumIndustry Co.,Ltd.

Panzhihua Dongfang Titanium IndustryCo.,Ltd.

Panzhihua Guotai Science & TechnologyCo.,Ltd.

Shanghai Pangang Vanadium & TitaniumResources Development Co.,Ltd.Pangang Group Beihai SpecialFerroalloy Co., Ltd.

Pangang Group Chongqing Vanadium&Titanium Technology Co.,Ltd.

Pangang Group Titanium IndustryCo.,Ltd.

Panzhihua Vanadium Products Factory

Vanadium & Titanium ProductsApplication Research Center

Warehousing and Logistics ServiceCenterPangang Group Chengdu Vanadium &Titanium Resources Development Co.,Ltd.


Company governance


Scientific and sound modern system is the cornerstone ofenterprise development. The Company has comprehensivelypromoted compliance management and governance, andstick to integrity and standardized management, with thelegal review rate of three matters (review of company’s rulesand regulations, business contracts and major decisions)reaching 100%. It gives full play to the role of the Party

committee in the deliberation and the crucial role of theParty in directing and ensuring overall management andimplementation. It insists that the Party committee checks the“three importance and one greatness” (the decision-makingof major issues, major officials’ appointment, major projectarrangement, and use of large-volume capital) matters of thegeneral manager’s ofce meeting, the board of directors andthe general meeting of shareholders. The company has setup a special discipline inspection department to investigateand deal with the reports of violations of discipline andregulations, or the interests of the Company and employees.We bear no tolerance to corruption so as to improve Partyconduct and enhance anti-corruption.The Company has established and improved the effectiveinternal control system that follows the principles oflegality, comprehensiveness, importance, effectiveness,counterbalance, adaptation and cost-effectiveness.Focusing on the compliance of operation, strategy, nancialreport, operation, environmental protection and safety, theinternal control self-evaluation is carried out around the veelements of internal environment, risk assessment, controlactivities, information and communication, and internalsupervision. No major defects in internal control of nancialreport and non-nancial report were found in the year.The Company strictly abides by relevant laws andregulations, and fulfills the obligation for listed companiesto disclose the statutory information. In 2020, the Companyissued 84 announcements and various related informationthrough the designated information disclosure media, andresponded to all kinds of investors’ questions throughCninfo, telephone and investor reception day, with aresponse rate of 100%. The Company won the “Best Boardof Directors Award” of the 11th Tianma Award for InvestorRelations of Listed Companies in China.The company continues to carry out the “Basic ManagementImprovement Year” activity, and the finished productoperation area of Chongqing Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.has been built into an A-level demonstration operationarea; 65 people passed the Lean Six Sigma Black Beltof China Association for Quality and 26 Lean Six Sigmaprojects were put into implementation. We have alsoobtained 3 demonstration-level achievement awards and2 professional-level achievement awards from the ChinaAssociation for Quality.


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020

钒钛产品国际市场销售网络Sales network of vanadium and titanium products in global market








Sales network of vanadium and titanium products in domestic market

Business proleThe Company has accelerated the development of new products and technologies of vanadium and titanium for high-endapplications. It is world leading in terms of vanadium technology, with a series of products such as V


, FeV80, V


, vanadiumnitrogen alloy and vanadium aluminum alloy. It is also a leader in China in the eld of titanium products quality, with a seriesof products such as titanium dioxide, high titanium slag. The Company has the annual production capacity of 1 million tons oftitanium concentrate, 22000 tons of vanadium products (in V


), 235 thousand tons of titanium dioxide and 225 thousand tonsof titanium slag. The civilian-grade vanadium-aluminum alloy has been sold in batches of 100 tons, and the 600 tons / yearvanadium aluminum alloy production line has been certied by the Quality Management System.Our products are widely used in steel industry, electronic industry, non-ferrous metals, chemical industry, coatings and inks.These products have brought benets to countless households as they are exported to countries like the United States, theUnited Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Algeria, the Netherlands, South Korea,Japan, India and Mexico.


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020

社会责任管理CSR Management


Identication of material topics

攀钢钒钛通过行业背景分析、政策趋势分析等,在充分了解利益相关方期望与诉求的基础上,识别重要议题并绘制实质性议题矩阵,全面披露企业社会责任信息。After the analysis of industry background and policy trend and the full understanding of the expectations and demands ofstakeholders, we identify important issues and draw material topics matrix to fully disclose CSR information.

利益相关方管理Stakeholder management攀钢钒钛深化利益相关方沟通策略,深入了解和回应利益相关方的期望和诉求,促进各方参与,以实际行动为利益相关方创造价值,实现多方共赢。

We have improved our stakeholder communication strategy in response to the expectations and demands of stakeholders. Westrive to engage all parties, create values for stakeholders in practical ways and achieve all-win results.


期望与要求Expectations and demands


Communication modes


Our responses

利益相关方沟通Stakeholder communication

Impact on stakeholder evaluation and decision-makingHighestHigh

对经济、环境和社会影响的重要性很高Importance of impact on economy, environment and society


Customer service

安全生产Work safety

资源有效利用Effective utilization of resources员工发展

Staff development


Enterprise reform


Technological innovation


Pollution prevention



合作共赢Win-win cooperation


Pandemic prevention and control


Community development


Targeted poverty alleviation


依法纳税 促进就业 守法合规

Taxation according to law Job creation Legal compliance

高层会晤 交流会 信息报送 地企专职联络机构 High-level meeting Exchange meeting Information submissionFull time liaison organization of local enterprises

主动纳税 增加就业岗位 依法合规治企 Active tax payment Job creation Law-based governance政府

The government

提高企业盈利能力 提高投资项目回报率 提质增效 安全生产Improving protabilityIncreasing the return rate ofinvestment projectsQuality and efciency

improvement Work safety

股东大会 信息披露 经营业绩考核 投资者沟通交流 Stockholders' meeting Information disclosure Business performance

assessment Investor communication

保障股东权益 加强审计与风险管控 提高创新能力 信息化建设 加强安全生产管理 Protecting shareholders' rights and interests Strengthening audit and risk control Improving innovation ability Informatization Strengthening work safety management



薪酬福利保障 职业发展 人文关怀 安全与权利保护 沟通与民主管理Compensation and benetguarantee Career development Humanistic concern Safety and rights protectionCommunication anddemocratic management

职工代表大会 座谈会 网络沟通 合理化建议 信息公开

Workers' Congress Seminar Network communication Incentive suggestion Information disclosure

提供有竞争力的薪酬 开展职业教育培训 建立职业发展通道 关爱员工及家庭 提供防护设备设施与安全培训

Providing competitive compensationCarrying out vocational education andtraining Establishing career development channels Caring for employees and their familiesProviding protective equipment and

safety training员工



攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020



会员等级Membership level中国上市公司协会

China Association for Public Companies四川省上市公司协会

The List Company Association of Sichuan国际钒技术委员会Vanitec


China Vanadium Association

四川省钒钛钢铁产业协会钒(钛)业分会Vanadium (Titainium) Branch of Sichuan Vanadium Titainium Iron and Steel Industry Association

攀枝花市钒钛产业协会Panzhihua Association of Vanadium Titanium Industry中国涂料工业协会

China National Coatings Industry Association中国涂料工业协会钛白粉行业分会Titanium Dioxide Industry Branch of China Coatings Industry Association钛白粉产业技术创新战略联盟Strategic Alliance of Technology Innovation of Titanium Dioxide Industry中国有色金属工业协会China Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Association中国有色金属工业协会钛锆铪分会

China Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Association Titanium Zirconium & Hafnium Branch《钛工业进展》理事会Council ofTitanium Industry Progress四川国际商会Sichuan Chamber of International Commerce四川省质量监督协会Sichuan Quality Supervision Association四川省危险化学品协会Sichuan Hazardous Chemicals Association重庆市安全生产协会Chongqing Association of Work Safety重庆市环境与生态监测协会Chongqing Association for Environmental and Ecological Monitoring重庆市名牌协会Chongqing Brand Association

重庆市标准化协会Chongqing Association for Standardization重庆市高新技术企业协会High-Tech Enterprises Association Of Chongqing City

会员Member会员Member副会长Vice president轮值会长Rotating president会长


会长President常务理事Executive member常务副理事长Vice executive director副理事长

Vice president

常务理事Executive member副会长Vice president副理事长Vice president理事Member副会长Vice president会员Member会员Member会员Member会员Member会员Member会员Member

参与协会(按协会类别排序)Associations involved (sorted by category)



期望与要求Expectations and demands


Communication modes


Our responses

信守承诺 质高价优的产品和服务 个性化服务 信息保密

Honoring commitmentsProducts and services with

high quality and better price Personalized services Condentiality of information

销售代表日常联络 展销会 客户大会 定期走访 征求意见

Daily contact with marketing

representatives Exhibition Customer Conference Regular visits Soliciting opinions

关注客户需求 强化质量管理 提高服务能力 产品创新 加强与客户沟通交流 重视客户信息保护

Focusing on customer needs Strengthening quality management Improving service capability Product innovation Strengthening communication with customers Paying attention to customer information



节约资源 污染防治 减少废弃物排放 应对气候变化 保护生态环境

Saving resources Pollution prevention Reducing waste discharge Tackling climate change Protecting the environment

环境管理 资源再生与利用 落实节能减排 加强生态建设

Environmental managementResource regeneration and

utilizationEnergy conservation and

emission reductionStrengthening efforts on

ecological protection

开展能源和水资源管理 进行污染防治 提高废弃物利用率 创新绿色工艺及产品 推进厂区绿化 践行绿色办公

Energy and water resources management Pollution control Improving waste utilization rate Innovative green technologies and products Promoting plant greening Green ofce

环境The environment

诚实守信 政策稳定 公开、公平、公正 互利共赢Integrity Policy stability Open, fair and just principle Win-win cooperation

现场考察 合同谈判 定期走访 招标会议 征求意见

Site visit Contract negotiation Regular visits Tender meeting Soliciting opinions

信守合同 平等协商 实施阳光采购 公开采购信息 合规采购

Honoring the contract Equal consultation Sunshine procurement Public procurement information Compliant procurement供应商


公平竞争 行业发展与进步 Fair competition Industry progress

加入协会并担任职务 参与同行研讨、交流

Joining an association and

holding a postParticipating in peer discussion

and exchange

参与标准制定等活动 参加展会、交流会 开展政企、校企等多方合作

Participating in standard formulation

and other activitiesAttending exhibitions and exchange

meetingsLaunching government-enterprise

cooperation and university-enterprise

cooperation行业、协会组织Industry associations

支持社区发展 可持续发展 成为履行社会责任的模范 信息公开、透明Supporting community

development Sustainable developmentBeing a CSR modelOpen and transparent


社区共建 共同开发项目 定期交流 媒体沟通

Contributing to community

development Joint development of projects Regular communication Media communication

投身社区建设 支持文化建设 参与公益志愿活动 及时发布企业相关信息

Engagement in community development Supporting cultural progress Participating in voluntary activitiesReleasing relevant information of theCompany in time社区、公众与媒体Communities, the public

and media


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020

可持续发展目标The United Nations 2030 SDGs攀钢钒钛积极参与国内外可持续发展事务,加快推进《联合国2030年可持续发展议程》,助力联合国2030可持续发展目标的实现。








SDG1. End poverty in all its forms everywhere

全年共投入976.02万元,实施12个扶贫项目,对口帮扶村全部实现脱贫“摘帽”A total of 9.7602 million yuan was invested in the whole year in 12poverty alleviation projects and all villages were lift out of poverty.目标2消除饥饿,实现粮食安全,改善营养状况和促进可持续农业SDG2. End hunger, achieve food security andimproved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

修建大型养殖场,为当地村民持续增收致富、壮大村集体经济提供了强有力支撑We built a large pig farm, which helps local villagers to increase theirincome and boost the rural collective economy.目标3确保健康的生活方式,促进各年龄段人群的福祉SDG3. Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

投入资金援建卫生设施;实施环境改善项目;定期开展职业病危害因素检测与监测,实现员工职业健康检查率100%、员工体检及健康档案覆盖率100%、岗位尘毒合格率100%Funds have been invested to build health facilities and severalenvironmental improvement projects have been carried out. Thedetection and monitoring of occupational hazards are conductedon a regular base, with the occupational health examination for allemployees, physical examination and health records for all employees,and all positions qualied for dust and poisonous gas control.目标4确保包容和公平的优质教育,让全民终身享有学习机会SDG4. Ensure inclusive and equitable qualityeducation and promote lifelong learningopportunities for all


We awarded grants to the children of workers in need and launchedpublic benet activities for children on June 1 in Panzhou.



SDG5. Achieve gender equality and empowerall women and girls

遵守相关法律法规,恪守非歧视的用工政策,招录人员坚持“男女平等、民族平等”原则;关爱女性员工,维护女性特殊权益,保障女性员工身心健康Sticking to laws and regulations, we abide by the non-discriminatoryemployment policy and follow the recruitment principle of “equality ingender and nationality"; we care for female employees, safeguard thespecial rights and interests of women and ensure both their physicaland mental health.目标6为所有人提供水和环境卫生条件并对其进行可持续管理SDG6. Ensure availability and sustainablemanagement of water and sanitation for all

开展固体废弃物处理,水环境治理等实践活动,升级节水工艺、节水装备,提升水资源利用率,降低新水消耗,循环水利用率达95.21%We have carried out solid waste treatment and water environmentmanagement, and have upgraded water-saving technology and equipmentto improve water utilization rate and reduce new water consumption,increasing the circulating water utilization rate up to 95.21%.目标7确保人人获得负担得起的、可靠和可持续的现代能源SDG7. Ensuring access to affordable, reliableand sustainable modern energy for all

全面清理高耗能设备,逐步采用新型节能电器设备,加强生产日常耗能设备监控,做好余热余能回收利用,全年节能1850吨标煤We replace high energy consuming equipment with new energy-saving electrical equipment, strengthen the monitoring of energyconsuming equipment in production, and pay attention to the recyclingof waste heat and energy, which saved 1,850 tons of standard coal inthe whole year.

目标8促进持久、包容和可持续的经济增长,促进充分的生产性就业和人人获得体面工作SDG8. Promote sustained, inclusive andsustainable economic growth, full and productiveemployment and decent work for all


We carried out talent trainings for 30,476 employees and 20 laborcompetitions.目标9建造具备抵御灾害能力的基础设施,促进具有包容性的可持续工业化,推动创新SDG9. Build resilient infrastructure, promoteinclusive and sustainable industrialization andfoster innovation

实施科技创新、科技创业,完善科技管理机制,加大科研经费投入力度,推动工艺技术优化升级、新产品开发及产品品质提升We implement innovation and entrepreneurship based on technology.We work hard to improve the technological management mechanismand increase the investment in scientic research, aiming to promotethe optimizing and upgrading of process and technology as well as thedevelopment of new products, and the improvement of product quality.目标10减少国家内部和国家之间的不平等

SDG10. Reduce inequality within and amongcountries


We launch community development and public welfare projects tohelp communities achieve the sustainable development. In 2020, weoffered 24,700 masks for overseas customers.

目标11建设包容、安全、有抵御灾害能力和可持续的城市和人类住区SDG11. Make cities and human settlements

inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable


The Mile village clinic constructed by us in Xiangshui, Panzhou City,Guizhou Province has made it easy for the villagers to see a doctor;the expanded playground of Danxia Forest Primary School offersstudents better environment for P.E. class; the reconstruction ofdilapidated houses has solved the housing problem for poor people.

目标12采用可持续的消费和生产模式SDG12. Ensure sustainable consumption andproduction patterns


We carry out treatments of air pollution and promote thetransformation to ultra-low emission; we strengthen quality processcontrol, achieving 100% coverage of Quality Management System.目标13采取紧急行动应对气候变化及其影响

SDG13. Take urgent action to combat climatechange and its impacts


We passed the Energy Management System certication and replacedhigh energy-consuming equipment to reduce energy consumption.目标15保护、恢复和促进可持续利用陆地生态系统,可持续管理森林,防治荒漠化,制止和扭转土地退化,遏制生物多样性的丧失SDG15. Protect, restore and promote sustainableuse of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manageforests, combat desertication, and halt andreverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss


15 environmental improvement projects have been launched,increasing the green area to 176,100m

in the plant.

目标16创建和平、包容的社会以促进可持续发展,让所有人都能诉诸司法,在各级建立有效、负责和包容的机构SDG16. Promote peaceful and inclusive societiesfor sustainable development, provide access tojustice for all and build effective, accountable andinclusive institutions at all levels

维护员工参与企业民主决策、民主管理、民主监督的权利,深化厂务公开,规范职代会内容和程序,对员工反映的问题及时整改与反馈,鼓励员工为企业改革发展献计献策。收到员工合理化建议7650条,采纳实施6388条,采纳实施率83.5%We protect employees' rights to participate in democratic decision-making, democratic management and democratic supervision ofthe Company. We keep disclosing factory affairs, standardize thecontents and procedures of Workers Representative Congress,give feedbacks to problems reected by employees, and encourageemployees to make suggestions for the reform and developmentof the Company. We received 7,650 reasonable suggestions fromemployees, and adopted 6,388 of them, with a rate of 83.5%.

The Company actively participates in sustainable developmentaffairs at home and abroad, accelerates the implementation ofthe United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

so as to facilitate the realization of UN 2030 SDGs.


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020



Boosting the High-Quality Development byStrengthening Party BuildingState-owned enterprises are the important material and political foundation of socialism with Chinesecharacteristics as well as the key pillar and supporting force for governing and rejuvenating the countryby the Party. As a listed company under a central SOE, the Company takes Xi Jinping Thought onSocialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as its guidance, strictly following the generalrequirements of Party building for the new era, strengthening the top-level design of Party building,giving full play of its political advantages and making great efforts to empower the Company throughParty building and integrating the “red gene” into the Company to promote its high-quality development.


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020

明确任务,压实“责任清单”Making clear tasks to ensure full implementation of “responsibility list”明确各层级责任是工作顺利开展的首要前提。公司党委推行“工作清单制”,压紧压实党建责任。Make clear responsibilities at all levels is the rst prerequisite for smooth work. The Company’s Party committee implements the“work list system” to strengthen the Party building responsibility.

示范引领,打好打赢攻坚战Setting an example to win the battles充分发挥党员的先锋模范作用是打好攻坚战的关键所在。围绕打好生存保卫战和“4711”专项行动,针对生产经营的重点难点,成立党员突击队攻克生产瓶颈,开展“我为提质增效献一策”合理化建议活动,选树先进党员责任区、党员先锋岗,做到一名党员一面旗,一个支部一堡垒,以实际行动打好疫情防控、生存保卫、改革攻坚等战役,为公司高质量发展提供坚强的政治保障、组织保障。Giving full play to the model role of Party members is the key to win the battle. The Company has set up a Party member team to tacklethe bottleneck in production while ghting for survival and focusing on “4711” Special Action and the company’s difculties in productionand operation. We carried out the activity of “My advice to improve quality and efciency” and selected zones with excellent Partymembers and set up Vanguard post; We set a party member as a banner, a branch as a fortress, take practical actions to ght battlesfor pandemic prevention and control, for corporate survival and reform, providing a strong political and organizational guarantee for theCompany’s high-quality development.


Working together to unleash new vitality of Party building


Enhancing the power of Party branches is the top priority of Party building. Based on the requirements of “strengtheningthe foundation, expanding the scope, improving the quality and innovating”, the Company’s Party committee promotes thetransformation of Party building to “effective coverage” and participate in 15 Party organizations and coordinate and solve morethan 50 problems; exploring the “Party building +” mode and creating 12 brands including “Party building + A-level demonstrativeoperation area”, “Party building + sales acceleration”, “Party building + quality improvement”. Party building can boosting thebuilding of union and team, thus unleashing the vitality of Party building.



Various ways to form Party building platforms组团式共建,构建“地企沟通型”党建共建。攀枝花钒厂党委与攀枝花市东区生态环境局党组签订“联创共建”协议书,开展共育党员、共听党课、共创先进、共享资源、共谋发展活动,以绿色发展成果体现党建工作成效。区域化联建,构建“互助互促型”党建共建。研究中心党支部诚邀党建共建企业成都菲斯特专家团队来渝进行党建工作经验交流和钛白粉在塑料应用领域中的技术交流;钛冶炼厂党委与兴中钛业公司签署《2020年“党建联创共建”协议书》,进一步密切合作关系。Formed by regional efforts, the Party building platformacts as a way for mutual assistance and promotion. TheParty committee of Panzhihua Vanadium Products Factoryand the Party group of Ecological Environment Bureau ofEast district, Panzhihua city signed the agreement of jointbuilding. By carrying out activities of jointly educating Partymembers, attending Party lessons, striving for advancedgroups, sharing resources and seeking development, theyshow the results of Party building through green development.Formed by joint efforts, the Party building platform servesas a way of communication between enterprises and thelocal government. The Party branch of Research Center

invited the expert team of Fscreen in Chengdu, a memberof the Party building alliance, to Chongqing for Partybuilding experience exchange and technology exchangeof titanium dioxide in the field of plastic application;the Party committee of Titanium Smelting Factory andXingzhong Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. signed the2020Joint Party building Agreementto further strengthen theircooperation.


次28 Party committee meetings held


项231 Research on general

and major issues


32 Party member projects launched


13 Party building programs led by Party committee secretary


20 special actions of caring for front-line staff launched


Titanium Smelting Factory and XingzhongTitanium Industry Co., Ltd. signed the2020 Joint Party buildingAgreement

“建单明责”,建立公司党委+党群工作部门+基层党委(总支)+党支部+党员五级责任管理体系,明确工作重点。“Establish the list to clarify responsibilities”. To makeclear the focus, the Company sets up a ve-levelresponsibility management system, consisting ofthe Company's Party committee, Party and massDepartment, community-level Party committee(general branch), Party branch, and Party members.

“照单履责”,细化分解各党支部任务,实现党建工作清单化、项目化、责任化、节点化。"Perform responsibilitiesaccording to the list". DivideParty building tasks andresponsibilities for each Partybranch and include into listsand projects.

“按时督责”,每月召开党群工作专题会,通报月度党建工作任务清单执行情况及完成效果,落实跑单脱单“问责”。"Supervise responsibility on time". Holda special meeting on Party mass workevery month to notify the progress andresult of the monthly Party building tasklist. Behaviors that fail to perform theresponsibility will be held accountable.

2020年In 2020


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020



Shouldering Responsibilities to Form Defense LinesAgainstthe Pandemic and Enhance Production & Operation

The novel coronavirus pneumonia suddenly came at the start of 2020. The Company made a thoroughstudy of the important instructions made by Xi Jinping on wining the people’s all-out war against thevirus and the decisions of the Central Committee of the Party, and ensured the implementation of allwork plans from SASAC, the provincial and municipal governments. We do our best to ght the viruswith strictness, carefulness, striving to guarantee stable production and operation.


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020


Quick response enhances organizational guarantee公司第一时间成立疫情防控工作指挥部,下设五个专业工作组,建立疫情日报告、网络舆情24小时监控等制度,形成高效有力机制,科学有序组织防控工作,第一时间传达国家与政府的疫情防控工作部署。

The Company set up the Pandemic Prevention and Control Command Center with five professional panels soon after theoutbreak. We formulated the daily report system and 24-hour online public opinion monitoring system, ensuring that pandemicprevention and control was carried out in a scientic, efcient and orderly way and the arrangements of pandemic preventionand control of the state and government were delivered in time.

作为西南地区的大型企业,我们担当企业公民责任,2020年,发动党员为疫情防控捐款超过13万元。积极引导员工发扬不畏艰险、无私奉献的精神,发起志愿者援助倡议,组织志愿者参与社区排查和防控工作。蒋茜英是攀枝花钒厂 一名普通女工,也是攀枝花市东区志愿者协会成员、攀钢青年志愿者协会成员。在抗击新冠疫情的阻击战中,她在积极配合厂、作业区扎实做好各项防控工作的同时,主动放弃休假时间,自愿加入攀枝花东区攀北社区疫情防控志愿者队伍。从1月下旬起,蒋茜英在疫情最肆虐的日子里,每一天都在兼职岗位上恪尽职守,用心做事。截至3月中旬,她累计询问、登记出入车辆、人数10000多次,义务测量体温15000余次,为社区楼栋张贴疫情宣传、预防资料700余份,为社区居民耐心解说防疫知识180余次……寒风中的蒋茜英,把个人的安危放在一边,用爱心守护着居民的安全。正是每一个平凡而普通的逆行者,汇聚起磅礴力量,在英雄的攀枝花城谱写出可歌可泣的英雄篇章。

最美“守门人”?蒋茜英The most conscientious "gatekeeper" -- Jiang Xiying责任故事



Multiple measures ensure effective prevention and control

公司全力协调疫情防控消杀物资,全力满足员工防疫防护需求。累计发放150余万元防疫物资,动态加强人员管控,规范做好场所消杀,常态化落实防控措施。开展疫情防控知识宣传,编印《新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎防控知识》小册子,编发《这些疫情警示案例你得知道》等系列宣传材料,并通过“企业文化直通车”等方式传播防疫知识,做到人人掌握疫情防控知识、人人科学防控疫情。The Company made its utmost efforts to arrange pandemic prevention and control materials so as to meet employees’ need.Materials worth more than 1.5 million yuan were distributed, personnel management and control were strengthened, disinfectionin public places was strictly done to implement prevention and control measures regularly. We promoted pandemic preventionand control knowledges by compiling the booklet ofKnowledge of Prevention and Control of Pneumonia Caused by NewCorona Virus, and materials likeCOVID-19 Cases You Should Know. We also popularized pandemic prevention knowledgethroughCorporate Culture Expressso that everyone can get the knowledge of pandemic prevention and control and practice ina scientic way.

As a large enterprise in Southwest China, the Company actas a responsible corporate citizen to call on Party membersto donate more than 130,000 yuan in total for pandemicprevention and control. In 2020, we guided our employeesto carry forward the spirit of bravery and dedication, andlaunched volunteer initiatives, organizing volunteers to assistcommunity-level screening and prevention.Jiang Xiying is a female worker in Panzhihua VanadiumProducts Factory, as well as a member of East District ofPanzhihua City Volunteer Association and Pangang YoungVolunteer Association. In the fight against COVID-19, shevolunteered to give up her vacation time and to join thevolunteer team of Panbei community’ whilst cooperating withthe factory and the operation area for the prevention andcontrol of the pandemic.Since late January when the pandemic was most raging,Jiang Xiying has devoted herself to her part-time positionevery day. By mid-March, she had inquired and registeredmore than 10,000 cars and people, measured bodytemperature more than 15,000 times, posted more than 700copies of pandemic propaganda and prevention materials incommunity buildings, and explained knowledge of pandemicprevention for community residents for more than 180 times.Jiang Xiying guarded residents with love while leaving herown safety behind. It is every ordinary hero, together withthe overwhelming strength that won the nal victory in thecity of Panzhihua City.


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020

双线作战,稳定生产运营Two fronts stabilize production and operation



Chongqing Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.'s version of Leishenshan


In the face of the epidemic situation, Chongqing TitaniumIndustry Co., Ltd. did its best to prepare for the work. It tookonly 4 days to build a temporary concentrated living area——Chongqing Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.’s version of Leishenshan,which meets the requirement of closed management.

我们确保疫情防控和生产经营“双线作战”稳步推进。坚决实施生存保卫战“十项措施”、特殊时期“4711”专项行动;对氯化钛白厂实行“战时”管控;成立重庆钛业系统提升服务队;聚焦钛冶炼厂生产效率提升等成效显著。全年实现系统降本3.99亿元,超目标1.61亿元;钒产品实现了海外市场占有率、国内出口份额“双提升”,钛白粉出口比例同比增长6%;9项技经指标和16项质量指标以及钒产品、钛白粉、钛渣产量均创历史最好水平。We ensure the steady progress of the two fronts, both pandemic prevention and control as well as production and operation.We thoroughly conducted the Ten Measures and “4711” Special Action. We implemented “wartime” management on C.P.TiO

Factory; a system-improving service team was formed for the Chongqing Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.; Titanium SmeltingFactory successfully achieved higher production efciency. The cost was systematically reduced by 399 million yuan last year,exceeding the target by 161 million yuan. The share of vanadium products improved both in overseas market and domesticexport, and the export proportion of titanium dioxide increased by 6% year on year. 9 technical and economic indicators, 16quality indicators, and the output of vanadium products, titanium dioxide and titanium slag all hit a record level in history.


The worker of Chongqing Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. is removing the material before the kiln

员工查看电炉运行情况,分析讨论生产数据The staff are checking the operation of the electric furnace, analyzing and discussing the production data


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020



Fighting Against Poverty and Working Together toAchieve Moderate Prosperity

Ending poverty is one of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), while 2020 is thenal year for China to win the battle of poverty alleviation in all aspects. The Company took povertyalleviation as a focus, and speeded up the progress of poverty alleviation projects. 12 povertyalleviation projects were carried out and completed with high quality in Danxia Town, LiuguanSubdistrict, and Xiangshui Town, Panzhou, Guizhou Province, Daocheng County, Ganzi Prefecture,Sichuan Province, Muli Tibetan Autonomous County and Yanyuan County, Liangshan Yi AutonomousPrefecture, Sichuan Province.


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020

助力脱贫攻坚Contributing to poverty alleviation攀钢钒钛针对帮扶项目开展技术培训,培养一批电工、焊工、维修工等实用技术人才和培养基层干部;援建丹霞镇森林小学运动场,进一步改善学校的教学和体育条件,保证学校教学活动的正常开展;优先采购贫困地区产品,支持定点帮扶地区产业发展。The Company carried out technical training for supporting projects, including a group of technical talents such as electricians,welders, maintenance workers, and community-level ofcials. The sportsground of Danxia forest primary school was built toensure and further improve the hardware for teaching and sports. Priority is given to purchasing products from poor areas, as asupport for the industrial development of assisted areas.热心公益事业Supporting public welfare activities

公司积极参与社会公益,热心慈善事业,大力实施扶贫帮困项目,在重大自然灾害中全力开展救援,组织助学、助老、助残等社会救助活动及其他社会公益活动。The Company participates in public welfare activitiesthrough implementing poverty alleviation projects, carryingout rescue in major natural disasters, and organizingassistances to students, the elderly and the disabled.

带动当地发展Driving local development我们以赤子之心回报社会,秉承“休戚与共、合作共赢”的宗旨,在同等条件下优先与攀枝花市本地企业开展多形式合资合作,携手构建共生共赢产业链生态圈,提能增效助推产业发展,促进攀枝花市经济发展与进步。持续助力打造“攀钢航母舰队”。我们积极融入“成渝地区双城经济圈”国家战略,紧紧抓住攀枝花市“两城”建设机遇,主动与相关单位互通信息,形成工作合力;设立专项工作组并针对项目“一项一议”,顺利推进“航母舰队”起航;加强与优秀供销及协作企业的深度合作;加快配套工程建设,满足生产需求。本地采购约4.8亿元,较2019年增长3.5%。We give back to the society with our original aspirations. We give priority to joint investments and cooperation with localenterprises in Panzhihua City on equal conditions so as to form a win-win industrial chain and ecosystem through co-construction, in order to boost industrial development and promote economic development in Panzhihua City.We make constant efforts to create the “Pangang development team”. We integrate ourselves into the national strategy ofChengdu-Chongqing economic circle and seize opportunities to exchange information with relevant units so as to form ajoint work force; we set up a special panel to carry out deliberation for each project. We strengthen in-depth cooperation withexcellent supply and marketing partner enterprises and at the same time accelerate the construction of supporting projects tomeet the production requirement. Local procurement reached around 480 million yuan, with an increase of 3.5% over 2019.


238 young volunteers



136 participants in volunteer

activities at all level


小村寨里建起大型养猪场A large pig farm built in a small village责任故事



The pig farm

养殖场喂料系统Feeding system


Delivery ceremony


会议会址陈列馆参观Organize 13 children from Yanwuzhai and Qujiazhuang to visit the

exhibition hall of the 26th Red Army conference site in Panzhou

The Company gave partner assistance to Yanwuzhaivillage in Liuguan Subdistrict, Panzhou. The averageannual collective income of the village was less than 50,000yuan, and it had been living on government subsidy beforeour assistance. The construction of large-scale livestockfarm was a major practice of the Company to help thevillagers out of g poverty and to embark on the road tosustained prosperity. We invested in the construction of pigfarm project, which can produce 24,000 piglets per year.We signed a 10-year strategic lease agreement with aprofessional pig breeding company, which is responsible forthe operation and management of pig farms. We adopted the“leading enterprise + cooperative” collaborative development,and the trinity development mode of “government guidance,enterprise management and farmers benefit”, the annualcollective income of the village collective will enter the eraof “one million yuan” and bring real benets to the villagers.It will provide strong support for the local government toconsolidate the effectiveness of poverty alleviation and RuralRevitalization and development.


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020




Aiming at Comprehensive Utilization and Focusing onTechnological InnovationVanadium and titanium have broad application prospects and great potentials. The Company seizesopportunities, adheres to innovation driven development, increase investment in science and technology,and make constant efforts to break through the technical problems in key fields. We carry out keytechnology research, accelerate the transformation of scientic and technological achievements to forma vanadium & titanium industry cluster, cultivate the competitive edge of whole-process comprehensiveutilization of vanadium titanium magnetite, and enhance brand inuence and market competitiveness.Based on the idea that “science and technology is productivity”, we work hard on the analysis, utilizationand integration of various resource elements, strive to promote the high-quality development of vanadiumand titanium industry, and improve the overall efciency of the industrial chain.


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020

夯实创新基础Consolidating the foundation of innovation

攀钢钒钛坚定实施科技创新、坚持科技创业。2020年重大关键工艺技术实现新突破,低温氯化实现长周期连续稳定运行;低钙焙烧-碳酸化浸出-碱性沉钒全流程工艺贯通,钠、铵、水可实现循环利用,实现源头副废减量;成功开发出高端钒铝合金及99.0%、99.5%级高纯氧化钒及相关成套产业化技术,新产品研发实现新进展;开发出耐高温钛白R-249、塑料专用氯化钛白CR-340等高档专用钛白新产品,并批量投放市场,得到客户认同,形成连续、稳定销售。与洋紫荆油墨有限公司共同组建了油墨用钛白产品开发联合实验室、与中海油常州涂料化工研究院有限公司共同组建了涂料用钛白产品开发联合实验室,为用户提供更加优质的产品及服务。2020年,公司研发投入3.8亿元,占营业收入3.59%。公司全资子公司攀钢集团钛业有限责任公司第五次被成功认定为国家高新技术企业,目前公司有三家下属公司为国家高新技术企业。获得省部级科技奖项6项,中国金桥奖1项;合作修定国际标准1项;新增授权专利74项,专有技术2项。为实现打造成为全球最具影响力的钒产品供应商、钛资源综合利用领军企业愿景,公司围绕“绿色、高效、高值、智能”构建了第三代技术体系实施方案,力争到2030年,钒资源利用率达到60%,非钢领域钒产品应用占比达到8%,钛资源利用率达到55%,以实现持续引领。The Company works on innovation and entrepreneurship through technology. In 2020, new breakthroughs were made in keytechnologies; Low-temperature chloride process has been put into long-term nonstop and stable operation, the whole process oflow calcium roasting-carbonation leaching-alkaline precipitation of vanadium has been completed, thus sodium, ammonium andwater can be recycled to reduce wastes from the source; We have developed high-end vanadium aluminum alloy, 99.0% and

99.5% high-pure vanadium oxide and related sets of industrialized technologies. New progress has been made in new product

R&D, including high-end special titanium dioxide products such as heat-resistant titanium dioxide R-249 and chlorinated titaniumdioxide CR-340 for plastics use. Having been put into the market in large numbers, these new products have continuous andstable sales since they are recognized by customers. The Comany has established the joint laboratory for the development oftitanium dioxide products for inks with Bauhinia Ink Co., Ltd., and the joint laboratory for the development of titanium dioxideproducts for coatings together with CNOOC Changzhou Paint & Coatings Industry Research Institute Co., Ltd., to provide clientswith better products and services.By the end of 2020, the Company has invested 380 million yuan in R&D, accounting for 3.59% of the operating revenue.Pangang Group Titanium Industry Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, has been recognized as a nationalhigh-tech enterprise for the fth time. The Company owns three subsidiaries as national high-tech enterprises. We have won6 provincial and ministerial-level tech awards, 1 China Golden Bridge Award; we revised 1 international standard throughcooperation and own 74 new authorized patents and 2 proprietary technologies.In order to become the world’s most influential supplier of vanadium products and a leading company in comprehensiveutilization of titanium resources, the Company has built the implementation scheme of the third-generation technology systembased on the ideas of “green, efcient, high value and intelligent”. To maintain as the leading role in the eld, we aim to achieve60% utilization rate of vanadium resources, 8% application rate of vanadium products in non-steel eld and 55% utilization rateof titanium resources by 2030.



创新不止、勇攀科技高峰Keep innovating and exploring technology



Titanium dioxide is not only the best white pigment in theworld, but also an important inorganic chemical product.There are two processes for titanium dioxide production inthe world—sulfate process and chloride process, amongwhich the latter represents the future direction of titaniumdioxide industry. It is good in quality, discharges less wastewhile maintaining a high production efciency, thus it is anindustry advocated by the state.Taking the opportunity of the construction of Panxi Pilot Zoneof Innovation and Development of Strategic Resources, theCompany focuses on the high-end utilization of titaniumresource in Panzhihua. We independently obtained the keytechnology of titanium dioxide by chloride process, and thethird-generation oxidation reactor we developed has solvedthe common technical problems in the industry, being ableto operate stably for a long period of more than 25 days.Blast furnace slag of Pangang is a unique resource inthe world. Its TiO

content is as high as 21-25%, whichis of great value for development. We have made everyeffort to promote major scientific research projects suchas extracting titanium from blast furnace slag. Our originalproduction technique of high-temperature carbonization—low-temperature chloride process of TiCl

has been usedin mass production to provide high quality and stable rawmaterials for titanium dioxide production Of chloride process,with its output reaching the target for 8 months in total.


Titanium Dioxide Manufacturing and Application Research Centerselected as "Chongqing Talent Innovation and entrepreneurship

demonstration team in 2020"攀钢集团钛业有限责任公司荣获“高新技术企业”证书

Pangang Group Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. was awarded as "High-

Tech Enterprise"


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020

激发创新活力Stimulating innovation vitality

创新工作室是员工由个体向团队型集成升级,形成攻坚合力,持续进行创新创效的平台。攀钢钒钛以深化员工创新工作室创建为依托,组织召开创新工作室工作推进会,命名并授牌“王泽贵冶炼创新工作室”“蒋贤均青年创新工作室”等10个首批“创新工作室”;成立4个首批“创新工作室联盟”;发布58个创新项目,激发全员创新创效活力。我们还利用现有创新资源和载体,打造跨界协同创新生态系统,促进科技成果双向转移转化,引领钒钛新材料产业转型升级向中高端发展,提升我国钒钛新材料产业的国际地位和话语权,支撑攀西战略资源创新开发试验区高质量发展。Innovation Studio is a platform where staff upgrade fromindividuals to teams forming a joint force for innovationand effect creation. Based on the idea of boosting thedevelopment of staff Innovation Studio, the Companyheld the Innovation Studio promotion meeting to stimulatestaffs’ innovation vitality by naming and awarding 10Innovation Studios including “Wang Zegui SmeltingInnovation Studio” and “Jiang Xianjun Youth Innovation


案例CaseAwarded as provincial key laboratory2020年,攀钢钒钛研究中心实验室被评为“钛白粉制造和应用研究重庆市工业和信息化重点实验室”,围绕重庆市工业和信息化领域发展战略目标,开展前沿技术、应用基础研究和重大关键技术、产业共性技术的创新性研究,促进公司高质量发展。In 2020, the laboratory of Pangang Vanadium & TitaniumResearch Center was awarded as “Chongqing KeyLaboratory of Industrialization and Informatizationfor Titanium Dioxide Manufacturing and ApplicationResearch”. Focusing on the strategic goals of Chongqing’sindustrialization and informatization, it has carried outinnovative researches on major cutting-edge technologies,basic application, key techniques, and industrial generictechnologies so as to promote the high-quality developmentof the Company.

公司党委书记、工会主席李晓宇为首批“创新工作室”授牌Li Xiaoyu, Party Secretary of the Company, Labor Union Chairman,

publiced the rst batch of "Innovation Studio" licensing


the Innovation Studio promotion meeting配制产品化验试剂Preparation of product test reagent


重庆市工业和信息化重点实验室”The laboratory of Pangang Vanadium & Titanium ResearchCenter was awarded as “Chongqing Key Laboratory ofIndustrialization and Informatization for Titanium DioxideManufacturing and Application Research”

Studio”, establishing 4 Innovation Studio Alliances andreleasing 58 innovation projects.We also make use of our existing innovation resourcesand carriers to build a crossover collaborative innovationecosystem and promote the commercialization andmutual transformation of scientific and technologicalachievements in the fields of military and civilian. Welead the transformation and upgrading of vanadium andtitanium new material industry to be mid-and high-end,thereby enhancing the global status and voice of China inthis industry, and supporting the high-quality developmentof Panxi Pilot Zone of Innovation and Development ofStrategic Resources.


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020


打造智慧工厂攀钢钒钛制定产业发展规划和“两化融合”推进规划,推动“数字化与网络化”“一键生产”“远程集控”等智能产线建设,开发生产工艺控制模型,完善信息化管理系统,提高设备作业率和劳动生产率;运用工业互联网、大数据、云计算、人工智能等技术,推动生产、采购、销售、研发、物流、服务、管理等一体化信息体系建设,打造智慧工厂 。

Promoting the “Integration of Informatization andIndustrialization” for Smart Factories

We have formulated an industrial development plan and promotion plan for the integration ofinformatization and industrialization, and pushed forward the construction of smart production linessuch as the “digitalization and networking”, “one-key production”, “remote and centralized control”.Also, we develop the control model of manufacturing technique, improve information managementsystem, and enhance the equipment operation rate and labor productivity. Through applyingtechnologies such as industrial Internet, big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, wefacilitate the construction of information system integrating production, procurement, sales, researchand development, logistics, service, and management, so as to develop into a smart factory.


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020


案例CaseChongqing Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. builds the demonstration line integrating informatization and industrialization2020年,重庆钛业实施主产线基础自动化升级改造项目,对主产线现有自动化控制系统进行集成升级,新增、改造自动化检测仪表、泵阀、DCS控制系统及视频监控系统,实现主产线设备远程集中操作与运行状态监控、生产工艺及质量数据实时检测。项目建成投运后,关键工序基础自动化和工艺过程控制将得到健全完善,人工干预减少,全流程实现稳定操作与控制,形成“集中操作+巡检维护保养”与“工艺工程师监控+异常处置”的生产管控模式,为产品质量稳定提升奠定坚实基础,提高设备作业率和劳动生产率。


打造国内首条钒氮合金数字化生产线Building China’s rst digital production line of vanadium nitrogen alloy责任故事


我们的员工在集成控制室中就能清晰地掌握现场生产过程的重要控制参数变化和物料转运情况,明显提升作业效能,现场作业环境也得到极大改善。Without leaving integrated control room, workers can clearly grasp variations of important control parameters in theon-site production process and transfers of materials. This has signicantly promoted operation efciency and greatlyimproved the on-site operation environment.

?钒氮合金作业区白班副作业长 赵基树Zhao Jishu, Deputy Operation Manager in Day Shift, Vanadium Nitrogen Alloy Operation Area

攀枝花钒厂员工学习AGV叉车操作The staff of Panzhihua Vanadium Products Factory are learning AGV forklift operation攀枝花钒厂钒氮合金产线Vanadium-nitrogen alloy production line of Panzhihua Vanadium Products Factory

Embarking on intelligence equipment, operation automation,and clean environmental, Panzhihua Vanadium ProductsFactory is driving the construction of the “Demonstration Linefor Vanadium and Nitrogen Alloy Integrating Informatizationand Industrialization”. The line integrates many advancedtechnologies including information, manufacturing,control, communication, AI and 5G, and is the first plant inChina’s vanadium manufacturing field that has achievedintelligent logistics transmission, autonomous operation ofmanufacturing supplies, automatic packaging of products,centralized remote control of the entire line and continuousautomatic logistics.

In 2020, by carrying out the basic automation upgradeproject on the basic main production line, Pangang GroupChongqing Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. upgrades the mainproduction line of the existing automatic control system, byadding new automatic detection instruments, pumps andvalves, DCS control system and video monitoring system,or improving the existing ones. Thereby, the company couldoperate the equipment on main production lines remotely,and monitor operation status, production process and qualitydata in a real-time way. As the project put into operation, thebasic automation and process control of key processes arefurther improved, less manual intervention is needed, andthe stable operation and control are realized throughout theprocess. In this way, the company has formed a productioncontrol model featured with “centralized operation +inspection and maintenance” and “monitoring by processengineer + troubleshooting”. This has laid a solid foundationfor stable improvement of product quality, higher equipmentoperation rate and higher labor productivity.


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020




Protecting the Ecology to Build a GreenFuture TogetherTo meet the new ideas, new requirements, new goals and new arrangements of ecological civilizationconstruction in new era, the Company has reinforced the management of ecology and environmentand the transformation of ultra-low emissions, promoted the efficient recycling of resources, keptupgrading the green development capacity, in order to guarantee its sustainable development.


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020


钛石膏资源化综合利用Comprehensive utilization of titanium gypsum责任故事



Strengthening environmental management


The Company has been certified by the QES system (Quality Management System,Environmental Management System, and Occupational Health and Safety ManagementSystem). Panzhihua Vanadium Products Factory, Panzhihua Dongfang Titanium Industry Co.,Ltd. and Titanium Smelting Factory were awarded as Credible Enterprise for EnvironmentalProtection, and Chongqing Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. was awarded as Excellent Enterprisefor Environmental Protection. We further refine the environmental management system,forming an environmental protection management network across the board and tothe bottom, assess the responsibility for major environmental protection indicators andkey environmental protection projects, and divide and materialize the responsibilities atevery level. We have established a sound mechanism for supervision and inspection ofenvironmental protection and have put in place risk responsibilities. A monitoring program forthe environment is in place and the monitoring is strictly required to be carried out regularlyand disclosed to the public. Also, we have prepared emergency response plans and on-sitedisposal plans for environmental emergencies, periodically held drills and revised plans.




About 140 million yuan is investedin environmental protection


environmental pollutionincident





tce/10,000 yuan energysaving target is completed

安全环保教育培训 覆盖3352人次3,352safety and environmentalprotection education andtraining (person-time)


Virescence of Beihai Special Ferroalloy Co., Ltd.

美丽的重庆钛业厂貌Beautiful appearance of Chongqing Titanium Industry Factory

Titanium gypsum, a waste slag with gypsum dihydrate asthe main component, is the by-product of the treatment ofacidic wastewater in the production of titanium dioxide bythe sulphuric acid process. In the past, it was disposed of bymeans of dumps, which took up a lot of land and consumed alarge amount of money for the construction and maintenanceof the dumps, not conducive to environmentally sustainabledevelopment.Seeking to develop circular economy and realizecomprehensive utilization of titanium gypsum resources,Pangang Group Chongqing Vanadium & Titanium TechnologyCo., Ltd. invested 31.46 million yuan for the comprehensiveutilization of titanium gypsum resources construction projectin 2020. In response to the characteristics of titanium dioxideproduction by sulphuric acid process, the project constructsthe drying plant for titanium gypsum, whereby the titaniumgypsum generated from wastewater neutralization is drieduntil it can be used as raw material for cement retarder, thusrealizing the reuse of solid waste resources. About 420,000tons of solid waste can be reduced each year upon theimplementation of the project, thereby contributing to theconstruction of a “waste-free city”.


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020

应对气候变化Addressing climate change公司开展节能减排工作,制定五年规划,应对气候变化国家战略,为我国如期实现碳达峰承诺贡献力量。公司加强能源设备管理,及时进行技术改造和更新、装备提升、优化生产组织和动力系统,提高能源利用率,层层核定各项能源消耗定额。We work on energy conservation and emission reduction,formulate the five-year plan, in order to cope with thenational strategy of climate change, and help China topeak its CO

emissions on schedule. Accordingly, wehave strengthened the management of energy equipment,upgraded technology and equipment, optimized theproduction organization and power system in a timelymanner, improved energy utilization, and approved variousenergy consumption quotas at different levels.

废副资源综合利用Comprehensive utilization of waste and by-product resources公司开展硫酸钠资源化综合利用技术攻关,提升装备适配性;建成硫酸钠制备碳酸氢钠中试平台,开展硫酸钠制备碳酸氢钠和硫酸铵中试研究,通过技术可行性专家评估;开展低温氯化精制尾渣资源化利用攻关,为后期月产尾渣全部处理回收利用能力提供支撑;开展废水污泥综合利用,从中回收的钒资源返回氧化钒生产线使用,将铬资源生产成合格的氧化铬产品。We start the technical research on the comprehensive utilization of sodium sulfate resources and improve the adaptability of theequipment; build a pilot platform for the preparation of sodium bicarbonate from sodium sulfate and initiate pilot-scale researchon the preparation of sodium bicarbonate and ammonium sulfate from sodium sulfate. Their technical feasibility have beenevaluated by experts. We have carried out research on the resource utilization of low-temperature chloride process reningtailings, to support the processing and recycling of all monthly produced tailings in the later stage. In addition, we conductcomprehensive utilization of wastewater sludge, from which the recovered vanadium resources are used again in the vanadiumoxide production line, and the recycled chrome resources are manufactured into qualied chromium oxide products.



Obtain the Energy Management System Certication



Titanium Smelting Factory is accepted by Sichuan Province, while Titanium Smelting Factory is accepted by Panzhihua City andPangang Group Beihai Special Ferroalloy Co., Ltd. is certied as a "Clean Enterprise" by Beihai City.


Zero waste water dischargefrom all vanadium-relatedenterprises


All emission targets are met全年节能1850吨标煤1,850 tons of standard coal is saved throughout the year



万㎡176,100 m

of factory areahas been greened循环水利用率达到


%Circulating water utilizationrate up to 95.21%


Greening of Dongfang Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.

推进清洁生产Promoting clean production


We carry out comprehensive treatment of air pollution,push forward the transformation of ultra-low emission, withemphasis on projects such as the treatment of flue gas(steam) of Panzhihua Vanadium Products Factory andboilers transformation of ultra-low emission in ChongqingTitanium Industry Co., Ltd.. We also work on the wastewatertreatment and recycling, and perform several projects such asupgrading the wastewater treatment system of the PanzhihuaVanadium Products Factory, optimizing the diversion ofrainwater and sewage in the factory, and renovating the reusesystem of domestic wastewater. By introducing water-savingtechnology and equipment, we continuously improve waterutilization rate and reduce the consumption of water.


Gas Recovery Project

万元产值温室气体排放量(吨/万元)Greenhouse gas emission of 10 thousand yuan output value(ton/10,000 yuan)



Year 2019


Year 2018


Year 2020




攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020




Creating and Sharing New Opportunities by Win-WinCooperationTogether we promote win-win cooperation, share development opportunities and jointly create a betterfuture. We build a mutually beneficial and win-win long-term cooperation model for the vanadiumand titanium industry chain together with our partners, and discuss solutions to better vanadium andtitanium new materials for the better life of mankind. We will write a new chapter for the developmentof vanadium and titanium new materials in the new era, and contribute to the high-quality developmentof the global vanadium and titanium industry.


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020

提供优质产品Providing high quality products攀钢钒钛和中国主要钢铁公司均有深入合作。为了给客户提供优质产品,公司做到质量管理体系覆盖率100%,并通过认证机构组织的年度监督审核及重点客户组织的第二方审核;加强质量过程管控,确定工序及成品稳质目标,形成产品稳质评价体系。强化工艺纪律检查,尤其是质量关键控制点的管理,确保工艺过程稳定受控。公司主要质量管控指标16项,目标完成率100%,优化率达100%,重点管控指标改善明显。2020年,攀钢钒钛质量计量检测中心实验室管理体系通过中国合格评定国家认可委员会(简称CNAS)认可,标志着我们在钒和钛产品化学检测领域的检测能力获得国际国内权威认可。攀钢钒钛将质量管理全面融入生产经营活动中,持续开展技术攻关、质量控制、降本增效等质量项目,加强质量宣传教育,树立员工质量管理意识,提升员工质量管理能力。


承托起稳稳的幸福Supporting the happiness





Laboratory accreditation certicate from China National Accreditation

Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS)

Vanadium is known as the MSG of modern industry. It onlytakes a tiny bit of vanadium to make the steel more resilient,stronger, more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, as wellas heat-resistant and cold-resistant.In steel, vanadium is mainly used in the constructionreinforcement bars such as high strength rebar and aseismicrebar above 400MPa. It covers the high strength structuralsteel such as steel plates, strips and sections used inconstruction, shipbuilding, marine engineering, pipelines,bridges and automobiles; the medium carbon structuralsteel in non-quenched steel, seamless pipes and alloyconstructional steel; the hot rolled high-carbon steel such asrails, wire rods and bearing steel; some special steel suchas the tool steel, die steel, high-speed steel, stainless steel,heat-resistant steel and other special steel, as well as wear-resistant cast steel and cast iron.Vanadium is making extraordinary contribution to Pangangrailway steel and support the rapid development of rollingstock in China. As the only top railway steel in China certiedas the “National Inspection-Free Products”, Pangangrailway steel has been exported to more than 30 countriesand regions around the world.

We have cooperated profoundly with all major steelcompanies in China. For the purpose of supplying highquality products, our company has achieved 100% coverageof Quality Management System, and passed the annualsupervision audit organized by certification bodies andthe second party audit organized by key customers; wehave strengthened the monitoring and control of qualityprocess, xed process, and targeted at stable ne quality,and thereby establishing an evaluation system for productquality. We enforce the inspection of process discipline,especially the key points of quality control, ensuring that theprocess is stable and under control. Of the 19 main qualitycontrol indicators set by the Company, 100% of the targetcompletion rate and 94.74% of the optimization rate havebeen achieved, and the key control indicators have beenimproved signicantly.In 2020, the Quality Management System of PangangVanadium & Titanium Metrology and Testing CenterLaboratory is approved by the China National AccreditationService for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), signifyingthat our testing capability in the eld of chemical testing ofvanadium and titanium products has been recognized byinternational and domestic authorities.With quality management fully integrated into production andoperation activities, the Company consistently carries outquality projects such as technical research, quality control,cost reduction and efficiency improvement, strengthensquality publicity and education, raises staff awareness ofquality management and improves their quality managementcapabilities.


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020

加强客户沟通Strengthenexchanges withcustomers

积极开展客户走访交流工作,积极掌握客户需求,收集客户投诉、抱怨等信息,并及时反馈至相关单位进行改进。受疫情影响,上半年客户服务主要通过电话、邮件、QQ、微信等方式进行。We actively visit and communicate with customers, grasp their needs, collect their complaints, and timelysend feedback to relevant department for improvement. Affected by the COVID-19, customer service inthe rst half of 2020 is mainly conducted by telephone, email, QQ, WeChat and other means.

满足客户需求Meet customer


以客户为中心,满足客户对产品质量、品种、规格、标准的要求,追求客户最大程度的满意。2020年,公司获评中国铁合金在线中国钒铁优质供应商、中国钒氮合金优质供应商和中国钒行业综合实力最强企业。With customers at the core, we strive to meet their requirements for product quality, varieties,specications and standards, for the utmost customer satisfaction.In 2020, the company won the high-quality supplier of ferrovanadium in China, high-quality supplier of vanadium nitrogen alloy in China andthe most powerful comprehensive enterprise in China vanadium industry rated by Ferro Alloy Net.

客户信息保护Protect customer


加强和规范企业秘密管理,保护客户信息,保障企业和客户利益不受侵害。2020年,未发生客户保密信息泄漏。We reinforce and standardize the management of corporate secrets, strictly protect customerinformation, and safeguard the interests of enterprises and customers from infringement. In 2020, therewas no leakage of customer condential information.


Improving service quality


案例CaseWe can fulll even the smallest orders and satisfy the most demanding requirements攀枝花钒厂根据市场和客户需求生产多种钒精细化工产品。为推广钒在非钢领域的应用,满足客户的特殊要求,钒冶金首席工程师王永钢带领首席工程师团队和作业区相关人员多次对现场工艺和设备进行改进,找到最佳方案。为保质保量、按期交货,钒合金班组的两名班长每天提前两小时到岗组织倒运物料,钒铝合金产线负责人和员工一起加班分选,出色完成交货任务。Based on market and customer demand, PanzhihuaVanadium Products Factory has a wide range of vanadiumfine chemical products. To promote the application ofvanadium in non-steel fields and to meet the specialrequirements of customers, Wang Yonggang, the chiefengineer of Vanadium nitrogen alloy, and his team andOperating personnel have repeatedly improved the processand equipment on-site. For quality and quantity assuranceand on-time delivery, the two shift leaders of the vanadiumalloy team are on duty two hours in advance every day,arranging for the transport of materials. The head of thevanadium and aluminum alloy production line and the


查看设备运行状况Vanadium metallurgy chief engineer Wang Yonggang (the leftone) and chief team member Zhang Xuanwu are checking the

operation of the equipmentstaff work together in overtime for sorting the materials tocomplete the delivery tasks.

获评中国铁合金在线中国钒行业综合实力最强企业Rated as the most powerful comprehensive enterprise inChina's vanadium industry by FerroAlloyNet

钛白粉经销商大会Titanium dioxide dealers conference

钒系列产品Vanadium series products


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020

2020年公司供应商分布(单位:家)Distribution of company suppliers in 2020 (unit: The number of suppliers)四川省Sichuan Province



江苏省Jiangsu Province

云南省Yunnan Province


湖南省Hunan Province

山东省Shandong Province

湖北省Hubei Province

河南省Henan Province

广西壮族自治区Guangxi ZhuangAutonomous Region

辽宁省Liaoning Province


Guangdong Province


Zhejiang Province




Hebei Province


Anhui Province

推动行业进步Facilitating industry progress

攀钢钒钛加大对外技术交流与合作力度,与大学院校、科研院所及企业用户等就钒钛新技术、新产品及产品应用技术等开展技术交流,深化应用技术研究和推广 ,更好地构建产业生态。2020年,累计开展技术交流百余次。我们与中科院过程所、北京科技大学、钢铁研究总院合作开展多个研发项目,促进钒产业绿色发展及钒在钢中应用。与重庆大学、常州涂料研究所合作开展钛白粉清洁生产技术及产品应用技术研究,部分成果已应用于生产。2020年攀枝花举行以“钛时代助力双循环,高标准引领新发展”为主题的中国·攀西钒钛论坛,攀西钛资源世界第一,我们已形成了从钛原料到钛制品完整产业链,是国内的钛矿供应基地和全球最大的钒钛制品生产基地,是名副其实的钒钛之都。



Forming Vanadium Application Technology Promotion Center

2020年,攀钢钒钛与河钢集团承钢公司、四川德胜集团钒钛有限公司、承德建龙特殊钢有限公司、川威集团成渝钒钛科技有限公司等五家钒生产企业与钢铁研究总院共同组建钒应用技术推广中心,旨在深化钒在钢铁和非钢领域的基础研究、品种开发和应用推广,引领和带动钢铁及相关产品品质升级,促进钒的消费和产业健康发展。In 2020, the ve vanadium producing enterprises, includingPangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd.,HBIS Group Chengsteel Company, Sichuan Desheng GroupVanadium and Titanium Co., Ltd., Chengde Jianlong SpecialSteel Co., Ltd., Chengyu Vanadium and Titanium TechnologyCo., Ltd of Sichuan-based steelmaker Tranvic Group, jointlyset up the Vanadium Application Technology PromotionCenter. The purpose is to deepen the basic research, varietydevelopment and application promotion of vanadium in steeland non-steel elds, to lead and drive the quality upgrade of

steel and related products, and to promote the consumptionof vanadium and the sound development of the industry.


Building a sustainable supply chain


The Company has formulated theSupplier Management Measuresand strengthened the management of suppliers accordingly.We have vigorously promoted sunshine procurement to create a fair and just procurement competition. In addition, we haveestablished a whole life cycle management system and conducted sustain responsible procurement to enhance competitivenessand the social responsibility engagement from upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain.Our suppliers need to be legally-qualied producers and operators with good business reputations, zero illegal records, andcertifications in quality, safety, environmental protection and other aspects as required by the state and the Company. Inaddition, we implement dynamic management on our suppliers.

钒应用技术推广中心成立Vanadium Application Technology Promotion Center was


六方联合签约仪式The six-party joint signing ceremony

Pangang Vanadium & Titanium has increased its effortsin external technical exchanges and cooperations, andengaged in technical exchanges with universities andcolleges, research institutes and corporate users on newvanadium and titanium technologies, new products andproduct application technologies. We strive for furtherresearch and promotion of the applied technologies andbetter construction of the industrial ecology. In 2020, morethan 100 technical exchanges were conducted.We have cooperated with the Institute of ProcessEngineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences, University ofScience and Technology Beijing, and Central Iron & SteelResearch Institute on several R&D projects for the greendevelopment of vanadium industry and the application ofvanadium in steel. Working with Chongqing University andChangzhou Coating Research Institute, we have researchedon clean production technology and product applicationtechnology of titanium dioxide, with some results already putinto production.In 2020, the China-Panxi Vanadium and Titanium Forum isheld in Panzhihua with the theme of “Titanium Boosting DualCirculation, High Standard Leading New Development”.

Panzhihua and Xichang are top of the world in titaniumresources. A complete industry chain has been formedfrom titanium raw materials to titanium products. This is thedomestic titanium ore supply base and the world’s largestproduction base of vanadium and titanium products, makingit the veritable capital of vanadium and titanium.


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020



Empowering Growth Platforms fora Happy WorkplaceBy taking practical actions such as protecting the rights and interests of employees, ensuring worksafety, guarding the happiness of employees, the Company has continuously enhanced the sense offulllment, happiness, and security of employees. We carry out the graded “mentor-apprentice” planstep-by-step, analyze the personal characteristics and multi-dimensional ability of the training target,develop a targeted training plan to promote the technical improvement of outstanding young employees.


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020

汪超,冶金工程硕士,高级工程师,现任攀枝花钒厂生产技术室主任工程师,四川省第八届劳动模范,发表钒技术论文10篇,承担国家重点项目子课题,申请国家发明专利9项,授权5项。始于初心,源于热爱。2006年从冶金专业毕业后,汪超来到攀钢,踏实钻研,顺利完成大学毕业生到钒化工研究和生产者角色转变。他一步一个脚印,成长为副作业长,再到主任工程师。“攀枝花钒厂是我国第一大钒厂,经老一辈钒事业开拓者的努力,取得了丰硕成果,能加入热爱的钒产业是自己的幸运。”忠于坚守,逐梦前行。随着生态环境保护理念的深入人心,汪超开始固废资源化攻坚之路,先后参与钒渣提钒新工艺、硫酸钠资源化利用、废水污泥综合利用等项目研究,并担任国家重点项目“固废资源化”重点专项子课题负责人,推动钒产业绿色清洁化生产进程。乐于传授,培养人才。2019年,攀枝花钒厂成立汪超劳模创新工作室,带领团队成员研究新技术、开发新工艺。汪超说:“公司非常注重人才培养,我很幸运有人引领我,我也会将这种精神传承下去,帮助更多的青年成长。”Wang Chao holds a master’s degree in metallurgicalengineering and is a senior engineer. He is currently thedirector engineer of the production technology office ofPanzhihua Vanadium Products Factory. He is also awardedas the 8th Model Worker of Sichuan Province and haspublished 10 papers on vanadium technology, undertakensub-projects of national key projects, applied for 9 nationalinvention patents and has been granted 5 of them.Driven by original aspiration and profound passion.Wang Chao came to the factory in 2006 after graduation. Hehas successfully changed his role from university graduateto vanadium chemical researcher and producer. Step by


A model worker exceeding himself and moving forward in vanadium production




Caring for employees growth

攀钢钒钛遵守相关法律法规,建立完善的用工管理制度体系,最大限度地保障员工的各项合法权益,打造公司和员工利益共享机制,建立和谐劳动关系。Complying with relevant laws and regulations, we have set up a sound employment management system to safeguard the legalrights and interests of employees. We have also created a mechanism for sharing the interests between the Company andemployees to establish harmonious labor relations.


Academic structure of employees


Age structure of employees


Postgraduate and above


Age 40 and below




41-45 years old


Junior College


46-50 years old


Technical Secondary School and below


Age 51 and above




员工岗位结构Position structure of employees



专业技术人才Professional and technical personnel生产操作人才Production operator



员工性别结构Gender structure of employees







step, he grew into the deputy operation director, and then tothe chief engineer. “Panzhihua Vanadium Products Factoryis China’s largest vanadium plant. The efforts of the oldergeneration of vanadium pioneers have achieved fruitfulresults, and it is my fortune to join the vanadium industry Ilove so much.”Loyalty and perseverance, marching forward with dreams.As the concept of ecological environmental protectionis deeply rooted in people’s hearts, Wang Chao startsthe resourcing of solid waste. He has participated insuch projects as the new technique of vanadium slagextraction, the resource utilization of sodium sulfate, andthe comprehensive utilization of wastewater sludge, etc.He is also the sub-project leader of the national key project“Resourcing of Solid Waste”, pushing forward the green andclean production process of the vanadium industry.Willing to teach and cultivate talents. In 2019, the factoryestablished the Wang Chao Model Worker Innovation Studiowhere team members research new technologies anddevelop new processes. Wang Chao said, “The Companyplaces great emphasis on talent cultivation. I am lucky tobe guided, and I will pass on this spirit to help more youngpeople grow.”


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020

员工培训Staff Training


We are committed to building a talent team, focusing on talent absorption anddevelopment platform building, strengthening skills training, and promotingcapacity development.

切实维护员工参与企业民主决策、民主管理、民主监督的权利,深化厂务公开,规范职代会内容和程序,对员工反映的问题及时整改与反馈。鼓励员工为企业改革发展献计献策,收到员工合理化建议7650条,采纳实施6388条,采纳实施率83.5%。We effectively safeguard the right of employees in democratic decision-making,democratic management and democratic supervision of the Company, deepenfactory affairs disclosure, standardize the content and procedures of the workcouncil, and make timely rectication and feedback on the problems reected byemployees. Also, employees are encouraged to contribute to corporate reform anddevelopment. Among the 7,650 rationalized suggestions from employees, 6,388 areadopted and implemented, with the adoption and implementation rate of 83.5%.

民主管理Democratic Management



按照“平等、自愿、协商一致”的原则,与员工签订书面劳动合同,各项合同条款均齐全、合法。制订配套的劳动合同管理制度并严格履行。在岗员工劳动合同签订率100%。In accordance with the principle of “equality, voluntariness and consensus”, wesign written labor contract with employees, and all contract terms are completeand legal. The labor contract management system is formulated and strictlyimplemented. The Signing rate of labor contract for employees on duty is 100%.

薪酬福利Compensation and Benets

建立完善的薪酬管理体系,按时足额发放工资,在册员工均参加并足额缴纳社保“五险一金”,社会保险覆盖率100%。We establish a sound salary management system, pay salaries on time and in full,and all registered employees participate in and pay ve social insurances and onehousing fund in full (ve social insurances included endowment insurance, medicalinsurance, unemployment insurance, employment injury insurance and maternityinsurance), with 100% social insurance coverage.

公司人才管理体系进一步完善,建立健全工程技术人才、研发人才、技能人才、点检人才等序列管理办法,制定营销人才序列管理办法,加强公司营销人才队伍建设,实施人才分级分类培养,帮助员工成长,实现自我价值。The talent management system of the Company is further improved, and the serial management methods for engineeringand technical talents R&D talents, technical talents and inspection talents, are established and perfected. and developed theserial management methods for marketing talents, thereby strengthening marketing team. We also train talents in a hierarchicalmanner to help employees grow and realize their self-worth.

技术人才培养Technical talents training


Training of new employees

建立完善年轻干部人才信息库,制定培养计划,优化队伍结构。推荐优秀年轻干部参加中青年干部培训班,开展挂职实践锻炼,提升其政治素养和综合素质。We establish and improve the information database of young cadres, develop trainingplans and optimize the team structure. Excellent young cadres are recommended toparticipate in the training courses designed for young and middle-aged cadres andsecondment to improve their political quality and comprehensive quality.在技术技能人才序列中选取业绩突出的相应人才,推荐入选“鞍钢英才计划”、四川省学术和技术带头人及后备人选。制定公司首席工程师评聘工作方案,选聘电气自动化、钙法提钒、化工安全首席工程师,调动专业技术人才积极性。We select outstanding performers among the sequence of technical talents andrecommend them as candidates of Anshan Iron and Steel Group Talent Plan, or academicand technical leaders and reserve candidates in Sichuan Province. We have formulated awork plan for the evaluation and recruitment of chief engineers, selecting and hiring chiefengineers for electrical automation, calcium vanadium extraction and chemical safety,and mobilizing the enthusiasm of professional and technical talents.采用“一人二表三师”培养模式,启动“导师带徒助跑”计划,进行业务知识、经验、技能的交流、学习、分享与传承,提高员工整体素质。2020年,签订导师带徒191对。

We adopt the training model featuring mentors, and initiate the "mentor-apprentice"program for the exchange, learning, sharing and transmission of business knowledge,experience and skills, so as to improve the overall quality of employees. 191 pairs ofmentor-apprentice have formed in 2020.

年轻干部培养Youth cadres training

师徒情深The master and the student love each other测炉温Measuring the temperature of the furnace


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020


案例CaseOnline training by internal trainers

面对突如其来的疫情,攀钢钒钛创新培养手段,组织学员分段学习,利用平台自学、直播教学、远程辅导、后期面授等形式,做到在特殊情况下稳步有序推进培训工作。2020年3月9日,攀钢钒钛首次“空中课堂”正式开课,110名内训师利用公司学习平台直播传授公司业务知识、经验、技能。Confronted by the unexpected pandemic, we innovatetraining means, organize learners to study in differentperiods, and make use of the platform for self-study, liveteaching, remote coaching and face-to-face teaching at alater stage, so as to promote the training work steadily andorderly under special circumstances. On March 9, 2020, thefirst “Online Classroom” was officially opened. There are110 trainers teaching the Company’s business knowledge,experience and skills through the live broadcast via theCompany’s learning platform.

空中课堂内训师培训Internal trainer training through air classes

确保安全生产Securing work safety攀钢钒钛始终坚持以人为本,将保障职工生命安全视为头等大事,2020年公司通过严格落实领导安全防火包保履责、狠抓隐患排查治理、持续夯实安全基层基础工作、推进安全生产专项整治三年行动计划和检维修作业“五清五杜绝”等专项工作狠抓安全生产管理,公司安全生产形势总体稳定。Based on the principal of people-oriented, we consider the safety of employees as the top priority. In 2020, the Company strictlyfulll its commitment through strengthening the safety responsibility of leaders, strictly controlling potential hazards, continuouslyconsolidating the basic work of safety, promoting the three-year action plan for special rectication of work safety and special worksuch as “ve clearness and ve prohibitions” for inspection and maintenance operations, etc. The Company’s safety productionsituation is generally stable.安全生产管理攀钢钒钛把安全生产作为企业发展的命脉,全面推行安全生产清单制管理,大力推进安全风险分级管控与隐患排查治理双重预防体系建设、安全标准化达标建设等工作,不断提升安全管控能力和安全本质化水平。

Work safety managementThe Company takes work safety as the lifeblood ofdevelopment. We comprehensively execute the work safetylist system, vigorously promote the dual prevention systemof graded safety risk control and inspection and treatmentof hidden dangers, and standardize the safety construction,so as to continuously improve the safety control ability andenhance the level of safety essentialization.

建立并发布11个主体责任清单、686个安全生产岗位责任清单、53个重大安全风险管控清单、284个安全检查清单,把安全生产责任落实到每个岗位、每个环节。We have established and released responsibility lists for 11 major entities, 686 work safety positions and 53 majorsafety risk control as well as 284 lists of safety inspection, thereby putting the responsibility of work safety into practicein every position and every link.


Strengthening the responsibility system of work safety

修订、发布《安全管理办法》《生产安全和火灾事故管理办法》等7个公司级安全管理办法,为公司安全管理工作提供制度保障。We have revised and released 7 company-level safety management measures, includingSafety ManagementMeasures, Production Safetyand Fire Accident Management Measures, thereby providing institutional guarantee for theCompany's safety management.


Improving safety management methods

对功能承包、设备检修、劳务派遣等5类相关方的风险防控和隐患排查等安全工作开展调研、指导、考核,全面系统清理不合格的相关方,实行黑名单制。We conduct research, guidance and assessment on safety work such as risk prevention and control and hidden dangerinvestigation for 5 types of related parties, including functional contracting, equipment maintenance and labor dispatch.We systematically clear up the unqualied related parties and implement the blacklist system.

加强相关方安全管理Strengthening safety management of related parties

看安全展板Looking at the Safety Board


CAST iron production scene


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020



Safety awareness improvementWe insist on the red line and bottom line consciousness,consolidate the “foundation, grassroots and basic skill”of safety management, provide compliance training onproduction safety knowledge and management ability,thereby raising employees’ safety awareness and skills. 3,352employees took part in safety education and training 2020.


案例CaseCompetition of safety skills

为强化安全意识,守住安全底线,提升安全技能,攀钢钒钛举行安全员(青安岗员)安全技术比武大赛,从理论考试和实际操作两个方面考核安全管理知识和安全生产技术。深化体验式场景模拟,真实感受临战状态,检验突发事件现场指挥、协调、处置和救护能力。To raise safety awareness, safeguard safety bottomline and improve safety skills, we hold safety technicalcompetition involving safety staff (youth safety supervisor).The competition tests the safety management knowledgeand work safety technology from both theoretical test andpractical operation. Under experiential scene simulation,participants could feel the real conditions and their abilityof command, coordination, disposal and rescue in case ofemergency are checked.


Emergency rescue drill

安全技术比武大赛Competition of safety skills

攀钒厂与东区应急演练Panzhihua Vanadium Products Factory and the Ecological Environment Bureau of East district jointly organized an emergency drill

安全技术比武大赛Competition of safety skills

Safety emergency management

We have established and improved scientic and effectiveemergency rescue system to protect lives and reduceinjuries. In 2020, we conducted 88 emergency drills for hillre alarm, re alarm and ood prevention and control, with1,602 participants, fully testing the emergency command,emergency linkage, emergency rescue and disposalresponse ability and the effectiveness of emergency accidentdisposal of each department. On December 22, PanzhihuaVanadium Products Factory and the Ecological EnvironmentBureau of East district, Panzhihua city jointly organized anIV level emergency drill for sulfate process leakage in thevanadium oxide operation area, which helped to improve theability of relevant government departments and enterprisesto properly handle environmental emergencies.


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020


Occupational health managementWith staff health at the core and occupational health andsafety management system as effective means, the Companysustains the special management of dust and poisonous gasin 2020. We regularly detect and monitor hazards causingoccupational diseases, organize physical examination,medical check-up and provide protective equipment, aimingto eliminate or control occupational hazards from the source.


案例CaseAn emergency drill for major hazard resource

为进一步增强公司突发事件应急处置能力、检验公司应急预案效果及可操作性,我们举行了重大危险源(液氨库)液氨泄漏应急救援演练。通过模拟液氨泄漏及应急处置过程,提高员工对突发事件风险源的警惕性和应急意识,督促员工熟练掌握应急知识和处置技能,提高自救、互救能力;同时通过应急演练进一步检验了公司各层级应急预案的可适应性和可操作性。We held an emergency rescue drill for liquid ammonialeakage as a way to test the effectiveness and operabilityof the Company’s emergency plan and to further enhanceits emergency response capability. By simulating liquidammonia leakage and emergency disposal, we raiseemployees’ vigilance and awareness of emergencies,urge them to acquire the emergency knowledge and skills,enhance the ability of self-help and mutual rescue. In



2,162 people took occupational physical examination



2,367 people attended occupational health training



100% occupational health inspection rate for employees



100% coverage of employee medical check-up and health record



100% pass rate of dust and poisonous gas at positions


Guarding the happiness of employees

我们时刻关心员工的成长和生活,为员工提供权益保障,搭建成长平台,打造温暖港湾,守护员工幸福。2020年,员工收入稳步增长,员工幸福感和获得感不断增强。As always, we care about the growth and life of employees, safeguard their rights and interests, build a platform for growth,create a warm harbor, and guard their happiness. In 2020, the income of employees keeps growing while their sense ofhappiness and fulllment is also increasing.




Balancing work and lifeComplying with employees’ pursuit of a better life, wehandle the problems which employees are concerned about,strengthen communication with employees, organize culturaland sports activities that conducive to their physical and mentalhealth, thereby helping employees balance their work and life.



Caring for female employeesWe pay full attention to the physical and mental healthof female employees, focus on humanistic care andpsychological guidance. We organize psychologicalassistance programs and special health lectures for women,and provide annual physical check, so as to help raise theirawareness of self-care and enhance their sense of well-being and satisfaction.Helping employees in difculty

With targeted assistance as the focus, we effectively solvethe difficulties of employees, improve theManagementMeasures of Voluntary Help, maintain the voluntaryactivities, increases the support for workers who are indifculty or with serious illnesses as well as their families.

你来我往Back and forth


Writing Spring Festival couplets


Emergency rescue drill for liquid ammonia leakage

addition, the emergency drill tests the adaptability andoperability of all levels.


攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020

责任绩效CSR Performance

2020年绩效Performance in 2020

2019年绩效Performance in 20192018年绩效Performance in 2018关键指标Key Indicators



营业收入(亿元)Operating revenue (100 million yuan)资产总额(亿元)Total assets (100 million yuan)


Net prot attributable to shareholders of listed companies (100 million yuan)纳税额(亿元)Taxes paid (100 million yuan)所有者权益(亿元)Owner's equity (100 million yuan)资产负债率(%)Debt-to-asset ratio (%)钛白粉产量(万吨)Output of titanium dioxide (10,000 tons)

钛渣产量(万吨)Output of titanium slag (10,000 tons)钒制品(以V


计)产量(万吨)Output of vanadium products (in terms of V


) (10,000 tons)授权专利(项)Number of patents authorized (item)其中发明专利(项)Number of invention patents (item)申请专有技术(项)Number of proprietary technology applied (item)重要科技奖项(国家+省部级)(项)Important sci-tech awards (national, provincial & ministerial level) (item)重大决策法律审核率(%)Legal review rate of major decisions (%)重要制度法律审核率(%)Legal review rate of important systems (%)重大合同法律审核率(%)Legal review rate of major contracts (%)













Performance in 20202019年绩效

Performance in 2019


Performance in 2018


Key Indicators




Environmental pollution incidents in all types (number)


Investment in environmental protection (100 million yuan)


Chemical oxygen demand (ton)


Total ammonia nitrogen emissions (tons)


Sulfur dioxide (ton)


Nitrogen oxides (ton)


Energy saving (tce)


Energy consumption per 10, 000 yuan output value (tce/10,000 yuan)V


耗新水(t/t)New water consumed by V



耗新水(t/t)New water consumed by TiO

(t/t)FeV耗新水(t/t)New water consumed by FeV (t/t)固体废弃物利用率(%)Solid waste utilization rate (%)煤气回收量(亿立方米)Gas recovery volume (hundred million cubic meters)循环水利用率(%)Circulating water utilization rate (%)劳动合同签订率(%)Labor contract signing rate (%)在岗职工(人)Employees on duty (number)员工流失率(%)Employee turnover rate (%)培训人次Number of training participants培训经费(万元)Training expenses (10,000 yuan)培训总学时(小时)Total training hours (hours)











攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020

2020年绩效Performance in 20202019年绩效

Performance in 20192018年绩效

Performance in 2018关键指标Key Indicators



员工健康体检(人)Employees received health checkups (number)体检及健康档案覆盖率(%)

Medical and health record coverage (%)


Relief money (condolence, assistance, student subsidies) (10, 000 yuan)一般及以上事故(件)General and serious accidents (number)安全环保教育培训 (人次)Number of safety education and training participants (person-time)安全培训覆盖面(%)Safety training coverage (%)安全生产支出(万元)Work safety expenditure (10,000 yuan)安全、消防应急演练(场)Safety, re emergency drills (number)责任采购率(%)Responsible purchasing rate (%)扶贫资金投入(万元)Poverty alleviation funds (10, 000 yuan)实施扶贫项目(个)Poverty alleviation projects implemented (number)青年志愿者(人)Youth volunteers (number)青年志愿者服务队(个)Youth volunteer teams (number)


Volunteer activities (person-time)


Number of volunteer activities


Number of grass-roots CPC organizations


Number of CPC committees


Number of General CPC Branches


Number of CPC Branches


Number of CPC members

SecuritySocialParty buildingEmployees









Outlook 20212021年,是中国共产党成立一百周年,也是“十四五”规划的开局之年,我们将继续把履行社会责任放在关键位置,为促进企业、社会与环境的可持续发展贡献钒钛力量。

The year 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), and the start of 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) for National Economic and Social Development. We will continue to place emphasis on fullling oursocial responsibilities and contributing to the sustainable development of our company, society and the environment.

以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义新思想为指引,以“十四五”规划为蓝本,深化国有企业改革,推进对标学习,优化公司制度管理体系,加快内部组织机构调整,打造“最优工厂”。Guided by Xi Jinping New Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, wewill take the 14th Five-Year Plan as the basis, deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises,learn from counterparts, optimize the management system, speed up the adjustment of internalorganization, and build the Optimal Factory.

稳步推进改革发展Advancing reform anddevelopment steadily


We insist on the concept that science and technology is the rst productive force, improve themechanism of S&T innovation, invest more in scientic research, build a more complete innovationplatform, and create an atmosphere of innovation and sharing in the whole company.稳步推进创新共享

Advancing innovationand sharing steadily


We rmly undertake the Blue Sky Protection Campaign, further strengthen environmental management,build a more complete environmental management system, strictly implement risk control, intensifyenvironmental awareness training, develop green technologies, sustain cost reduction and efciencyimprovement initiatives, improve resource utilization and reduce pollutant emissions.


Advancing greendevelopment steadily


We adhere to the concept of win-win cooperation, strengthen communication and cooperationwith upstream and downstream suppliers, create a responsible supply chain, continue to organizeand participate in industry conferences and the development of industry standards and nationalstandards, and strive to drive the vanadium and titanium industry towards high-quality development.稳步推进合作交流Advancing

cooperation and

exchange steadily

坚持以人为本的理念,保障职工合法权益,提高职工的获得感与幸福感;拓展各类型人才培训,提高员工的岗位适配度;进一步加强安全生产管理,健全安全生产责任制;继续参与志愿者服务与公益事业,以自身行动回报社会。We persist in people-oriented principle, protect the legitimate rights and interests of employeesand improve their sense of achievement and happiness; we will provide training for all types oftalents and improve the job suitability of employees, further strengthen the management of worksafety and improve the responsibility system; we will proceed to repay society with practicalactions, such as participating in volunteer services and public welfare undertakings.

稳步推进人本管理Advancing people-oriented management



攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2020


Feedback攀钢钒钛非常关心您对本报告的意见。请就本报告提出您的宝贵意见和建议,以便我们持续改进。Any comment on this report you want to share with us is welcomed. Your valuable opinions and suggestions will facilitate our improvement.

1. 您认为本报告是否能够反映攀钢钒钛对经济、社会、环境的重大影响?(请在相应的位置选择打“”)

Do you think this report can reect the signicant impact of the Company on economy, society and environment?(Please tick “√”in the corresponding option)

□是 Yes □一般Fair □否No

2. 您认为本报告所列出的利益相关方与攀钢钒钛的相互关系分析是否准确、全面?(请在相应的位置选择打“”)

Do you think the analysis of the relationship between stakeholders and the Company in this report is accurate andcomprehensive?(Please tick “√” in the corresponding option)

□是 Yes □一般Fair □否No

3. 您认为本报告所披露信息、数据和指标是否清晰、准确、完整?(请在相应的位置选择打“”)

Do you think the information, data and indicators disclosed in this report are clear, accurate and complete?(Please tick “√” inthe corresponding option)

□是 Yes □一般Fair □否No

4. 您认为本报告的内容安排和版式设计是否有利于您的阅读?(请在相应的位置选择打“”)

Do you think the layout and design improve the readability of this report?(Please tick “√” in the corresponding option)

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5. 您认为《攀钢钒钛2020年社会责任报告》是否符合您对我们的了解?(请在相应的位置选择打“”)

Do you think this report help you better understand the Company? (Please tick “√” in the corresponding option)

□是 Yes □一般Fair □否No

您认为本报告最让您满意的方面是什么?What do you think is the most satisfactory aspect of this report?您认为是否还有您需要的信息没在本报告中反映?Do you think there is any information that has not been disclosed in this report?您对我们今后发布社会责任报告有何建议?What suggestions do you have for our social responsibility reporting in the future?您对攀钢钒钛社会责任工作有何建议?

What suggestions do you have for our social responsibility work?您可将信息表传真到+86-812-3385285,也可以选择通过网络(http://www.pgvt.cn/)反馈您的意见和建议。

You can fax the feedback form to us(+ 86-812-3385285), or send your suggestions through our website (http://www.pgvt.cn/).

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实施党建强企工程 助推公司高质量发展

Boosting the High-Quality Development by Strengthening Party Building

用责任筑牢抗疫防线 以担当强化生产运营Shouldering Responsibilities to Form Defense Lines Against the Pandemic and EnhanceProduction & Operation守初心打好脱贫攻坚 担使命携手共奔小康

Fighting Against Poverty and Working Together to Achieve Moderate Prosperity

瞄准综合利用 聚焦技术创新Focusing on Technological Innovation to Realize Comprehensive Utilization

促进“两化融合” 打造智慧工厂Promoting the “Integration of Informatization and Industrialization” for Smart Factories

保护绿水青山 共谋绿色未来Protecting the Ecology to Build a Green Future Together携手合力共赢 创造共享新机遇Creating and Sharing New Opportunities by Win-Win Cooperation赋能成长平台 打造幸福职场Empowering Growth Platforms for a Happy Workplace责任绩效CSR Performance展望2021Outlook 2021


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